Displacement Map
This tutorial shows one of the more obscure functions of Photoshop called Displacement Map. It uses a monochrome copy of a photo saved as a .psd file as a tone map to wrap a pattern around a color version. The tones in the B&W file lighter than middle gray displace the pattern upward and the darker tones displace it downward.

The photo below shows the files used. I started by making a B&W version of the file and saving it as a separate .psd (Photoshop format)file. Next on a new layer I created a pattern of black stripes, using a mask to confine them to the face.


Next under the Filter menu in Photoshop I selected Filter>Distort>Displace and input offset values...


...then selected the B&W file to use as the map.


Here is how it looked at 100% opacity


I adjusted the mask to clean up the eyes and reduced the opacity.


Here's the final result.


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