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Overview of the EX Flash System

Debunking the IR Myths There is a lot of mis-information on the net about Canon using IR. Here are the facts.

TTL, E-TTL and E-TTL-II Explained The evolution of Canon flash metering.

The 580ex FAQ Things the manual does not explain well.

EX Flash Exposure Control How to control Exposure with EX Flash.

Using 2 or 3 Canon flashes A:B, A:B C and non-flashing Master modes.

Canon Ratios Are Backwards If the Group A MASTER is used as fill the Canon ratios wind up being the reverse of H:S convention; more or less.

Using Manual Mode Manual actually offers better control than TTL. This explains why and how to use it.

Fill Flash Test Explains how to obtain correct exposure and extend signaling range outdoors.

High Speed FP Flash Test A test of using High Speed FP mode outdoors with wide aperture.

Holistic Concepts for Lighting
and Digital Photography

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